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Happy Monday!

Who else had a crazy week last week?  I did, that's for sure!  Check out the posts that helped me make it through :-)

Cat, at Budget Blonde wrote Five Things I Learned From Getting My First Car.  My favorite: Don't Trade it in it if was free!

Making Sense of Cents posted an Ask the Reader post - What percentage is housing in your budget?  Go an check out what everyone spends on housing - you know you want to :-)

Jacob over at Cash Cow Couple posted Why Do People Invest in Stocks or Anything Else?  As usual, he boils it down!

The Simple Dollar always has about a billion posts I could include in my favorites, but I narrowed it down to one this week: Crazy.  Best takeaway - When life gets crazy, accept imperfection!

Mr. 1500 is fantastic as usual in SpongeSister SpendyPants - Anyone have a sibling like this?

Check 'em out!  You won't regret it!


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