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Sometimes it seems like other bloggers are on the same page as I am!  Love this!

I don't know if you noticed, but on our balance sheet, we have a personal loan that is a loan from a family member.  This post seemed especially relevant right now:
Ask the Readers: Do you every lend money to friends/family?

I love Johnny Moneyseed's take on paying of the mortgage early: Paying off your mortgage early is still silly!

Congratulations to Girl Meets Debt on her ENGAGEMENT! Mrs. Modest Money

Renting Isn't a Throwaway at The Simple Dollar

Did My Lender Pull a Bait and Switch? Over at Budget Blonde, Cat explains why your quoted mortgage rate may not be the same as the rate you actually get.

The downside of being a landlord at Club Thrifty: Being a Landlord: It's Not All Puppies and Cupcakes!

Aaaannnnnnd, This Week's Wins & Losses over at Budgets are Sexy!

Ok, so there is a definite theme to what I found interesting this week...



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Welcome to the PF community! Thank you for linking to my post :)


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